Smart search component for Joomla.

Gridsearch empowers every Joomla site

with an ultra fast and highly customizable search function.

I'm just a demo site. Do this:

  • Enter your search term in the search field.
  • See search results appear in the site's main content area.
  • Play around with the options to see various combinations.
  • (Optional)

    Buy it for your site if you like it :-)

No more waiting or adding more workload to your server

Gridsearch performs searches in the browser for instant and snappy results, even on slow connections or during high traffic times.

Thanks to modern, high-performance JavaScript complicated code can now be executed directly in your browser. Gridsearch takes advantage of that and delivers high-speed search that does not add any additional strain on your server while also showing results instantaneously.

Not having to wait for your server to deliver back results increases user satisfaction. Never has searching been this satisfying.