Smart search component for Joomla.

Gridsearch empowers every Joomla site

with an ultra fast and highly customizable search function.

I'm just a demo site. Do this:

  • Enter your search term in the search field.
  • See search results appear in the site's main content area.
  • Play around with the options to see various combinations.
  • (Optional)

    Buy it for your site if you like it :-)

Gridsearch is highly customizable.

You can get your results the way you want them without having to dive into the inner workings of Javascript or CSS. The backend component provides you with a plethora of options to make it look just right.

A wizard can guide you through setting it up in a few easy steps or you can fiddle with each option on your own, but in any case you will always get an instant preview of what your changes did to the search results so you don't have to waste precious time switching between tabs or other windows to see what has changed now.

We understand that time is money, so save time and earn some more!