Smart search component for Joomla.

Gridsearch empowers every Joomla site

with an ultra fast and highly customizable search function.

I'm just a demo site. Do this:

  • Enter your search term in the search field.
  • See search results appear in the site's main content area.
  • Play around with the options to see various combinations.
  • (Optional)

    Buy it for your site if you like it :-)

I'm the Main Container

The text you're currently reading is shown in the main container. It's purpose is to display every article's content. Every Joomla site has a main container and Gridsearch auto-magically replaces the current main content with the found search results and switches back when your search is over.

> 100.000 combinations possible

We wanted something cool and fast. Gridsearch enables your users to search and find your content in a beautiful and highly customizable way. There are more than 100.000 possible combinations Gridsearch can do it's magic. You decide how much animation and flow you want.


An easy to understand step by step wizard in the Joomla Backend helps you find the proper style, speed and layout for your search function.

Enough Talking! Give it a try by searching for something. And remember - this is just a demo site with very little content. Think of your Joomla site, your content - presented by Gridsearch.