Smart search component for Joomla.

Gridsearch empowers every Joomla site

with an ultra fast and highly customizable search function.

I'm just a demo site. Do this:

  • Enter your search term in the search field.
  • See search results appear in the site's main content area.
  • Play around with the options to see various combinations.
  • (Optional)

    Buy it for your site if you like it :-)


You don't need a diploma to install and set-up Gridsearch! Simply install the two .zip files to Joomla and it just works! Even customizing doesn't require you to sift through meaningless drop-down boxes which don't tell you anything or for which you have to keep changing tabs or windows and then reload the site to see what was changed.

An easy setup wizard (which you can run again at any time!) will guide you through the different settings and even show you an instant preview of how your choices affect what you will see on your website.

Never has a Joomla Plug-In been this easy!